Dj Deep investira l'Ambassade le vendredi 23 février. ----- Paf : 5 euros ----- Sharing with the audience what i think are the greatest records of the moment or what i think are timeless classics is something that has motivated me through the years. I’m always trying to present to people a little bit of the history of “my” beloved House and Techno , as i tend to do so by playing very personal “classics” not the Hits from the past but very unique records that in my mind represent the essence of what is magic in House and Techno. I see my job as being a big filter: As a « vinyl junky » i am in the record stores chasing jams almost everyday, and i am following the movement of what i hear, i mean when Techno was so revolutionary i would play a lot of this, when the NY Deep House sound really expanded that’s what i would actually try and showcase, and nowadays that a lot of the Techno and House roots is revived in new productions i’m back on my Techno and House roots playing a lot of brand new amazing Techno and House records ! My label Deeply Rooted is a really important tool to share some Music that Legends such as Kerri Chandler or great artists such as Francois X, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Mike Dehnert, Manoo gave me the privilege to release through the years, but it is also a great output for up and coming artists, to actually present their productions. Some recent dates: 2014: London Techno’s young Dax J (who now runs the respected Ear To Ground label as well as Mon Nom Black) released his ep on Deeply Rooted, followed by J.C., Emmanuel. Then, French EBM pioneer Terence Fixmer. I also release a record by Techno young prodigy Roman Poncet, which will lead in the near Future to a series of collaborations with him. 2015 : Dj Deep releases Rebeval on L.I.E.S record. Dj Deep and Roman Poncet join forces as Adventice and release 3 Techno EPs on Berlin Legendary Tresor records. Sergie Rezza is a more experimental approach to Electronica sounds, and again Dj Deep and Roman Poncet join in the studio to release their first album on Desire records as Sergie Rezza Radio Slave « Don't stop, no sleep » remixed by Robert Hood, Tale of us, and Roman Poncet and Dj Deep. 2016: Fang « A House Fang ep » on Deeply Rooted is a House ep produced and mixed by Dj Deep and Roman Poncet. Future plans include Dj Deep « Cuts vol2 » on Deeply Rooted in April 2016, a special collaboration between Dj Deep and Traumer on Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint named Lavalle in May 2016. A Sergie Rezza remix of Monoton on Desire records sometime around June 2016. And some more Adventice material soon ! -----