The GeOnG is dedicated to addressing issues related to data in the humanitarian & development sectors, including topics related to mapping, GIS, data collection & information management. To this end, the forum is designed to allow participants to debate current and future stakes, introduce relevant and innovative solutions and share experience and best practices.

The GeOnG is one of the biggest independent forum on the topic in Europe, with an average of 140 participants from 70 organizations in the last two editions. In the last ten years, it has become a major event on issues related to mapping, mobile technology, information management and, more generally, on the use of new technologies in the humanitarian and development sectors.

The 6th edition of the forum will take place from October 29th to October 31th at the Congress Centre Le Manège in Chambéry, France. This year’s theme is: “Perfection” versus “Good Enough” in Information Management: Adjusting to context, scale, phase, and funding. Take a peek at this year’s edition by watching our teaser.