The main courses of research thesis

How to Properly Plan study for the final qualifying work by time frame and internships and record results ict, read this article.

Preparation for a graduate study

Students usually carry out research for thesis in pre-graduation practice. To get The Most Out of These 2-4 weeks, you need to prepare.

First , to approve the head with the topic, purpose and tasks of the work, object and subject of research. All provisions must be Recorded thesis in the assignment for the thesis, and aussi Indicated in the introduction of the FQP Itself.

SECONDLY, to determine the methods of data collection, how to use them during practice, whether someone's help will be needed, whether technical means (devices, tablets, programs, photo or video equipment, etc.) will be required. If methods with preliminary preparation (interview, observation and experiment) are selected, Their detailed map shoulds be written.

Third , decide how the data will be processed and Analyzed. Do I need to do this directly during practice? Do you need additional software or can the data be rolled up manually? Are schemes, drawings, graphs, models made and in what form? How will the data and conclusions be presented in the diploma? How long will it take?

Fourth, choose a place and time for the study. Working students, as a rule, do it at the place of work, target students - at the place of referral. Non-working students are usually offered internship places by the university. You can find a suitable site yourself or conduct research on the basis of an educational institution.

Collection of primary data

The student is Given Up to a month to collect data. Tasks at this stage:

Analysis of research data If everything is thought out in advance, Then this internship does not take much time. The main goal is to get conclusions about the object and subject of research, accounting achieve the set goal, confirm or refute the hypothesis Analysis can be:
  1. Mathematical (qui is more, qui est less);
  2. statistical (what exchange in the data over time, by region, industry, gender, age gold);
  3. Correlation / factor (what influences what in contention data, the causes and effects);
  4. regressive (what patterns are there and what are the forecasts);
  5. qualitative (what is the meaning, what is described and confirmed by the data);
  6. others specific to the profession (for example, historical, forensic, etc.).
The results and conclusions made into the delay is undergraduate practice and are included in the second chapter of the diploma. Registration of research data When all the data is ready, They need to be Correctly formatted. The first document is a report on undergraduate practice. It is signed by the head of the practice from the host organization. It describes in detail the methods of your research and their designs, what data were obtained and what conclusions were drawn. The signed rapport est Submitted to the department to the head of the diploma. The second document is an array of data and the results of Their analysis. It can be presented in the form of an electronic database, tables, graphs, program reports, etc.

The third paper is a draft research chapter of the final qualifying work. It can coincide almost completely with the report on practice (or be wider) and contain some of the data from the database in a representative form. Rented for adjustment and verification to the head. When students needed to write Their Own thoughts about communication, Many of Them strugling due to Lack of writing skill, May HOWEVER They decided to seek help and look for writemypaper4me Service qui write to writing Service, They Will Provide Unique happy in no time.

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