During summer 2021, words resonate at Mudam. Mudam Summer Project – More Spoken Words – revolves around words, poetry, slam and music, and pays homage to Su-Mei Tse's ink fountain. Mudam invited Géisskan Kollektiv and LAGERKULTUR, two young Luxembourgish collectives, to invent an original programme for the summer season.

Meeting every Wednesday for an evening flooded with words (Géisskan Kollektiv) and sounds (LAGERKULTUR):

18h00–20h00: Géisskan Kollektiv – poetry, slam and words

20h00–22h00: LAGERKULTUR – energy, fatigue and resonance

"Géisskan Kollektiv" floods Mudam and its surroundings with spoken and written words by offering a programme, that mixes epic skirmishes, combats of spoken words and sharp battles. “Géisskan” means "watering can” in Luxembourgish, symbolizing the gesture of cherishing and caring for a plant. The aim of the collective is to encourage young people to take over the stage with their texts, thoughts and poems and to offer them a chance to express themselves. Géisskan’s Poetry Slam finally makes its way into the museum, but not to retire or to settle down, but as a resilient form of performance art & pop culture in times of a global pandemic. Like the work of Su-Mei Tse, words flow endlessly during the summer at Mudam.