Here are the Advantages and Dangers of MOD Applications That You May Not Know – For some of you smartphone technology users, you may already be familiar with the mod apk . Using a mod apk or modified application is one of the most popular trends because this type of application offers several 'advantages' that usually cannot be enjoyed when using free applications

Advantages of Using MOD Applications on Smartphone Devices

Many smartphone users think that using a modified application has several advantages. Here are some of the advantages that are considered positive values from using apk mods.

Complete Application Features

Apk Mod is a type of application that has been modified in such a way that it has more complete features with an appearance that is not too different from the actual application.

Mod applications usually occur in the types of paid applications so that users can use the premium features for free. Its popular name is free premium flavor.

Can be obtained for free

The next advantage of the mod application is that it can be obtained for free. For example, you can play the Bussid simulator game for free by using the modified BUSSIS application downloaded at Techtodown.

Well, the MOD game can be downloaded for free even though the official version is a paid application. By using this mod application, you can easily get the official application just by downloading it on your smartphone.

The Dangers of Using MOD Applications On Your Smartphone Device

If you are a mod apk user, then there are several advantages and dangers of the MOD application that you must pay attention to so you don't feel disadvantaged due to the use of the mod application. As an illustration, here are some of the dangers that can threaten as a result of using a mod apk.

Do not rule out the possibility of containing a dangerous virus

As it is known that the mod application is a type of application that has been modified from the official version. Apk Mods are usually developed by third parties who don't even have any relationship with the official app makers or vendors . Because it is made by a third party, it is possible that the mod application is inserted with viruses, Trojans , or other things that can damage your smartphone.

Prone to Banned

Another danger that can occur due to using mod applications is that your account may be banned by the Google Play Store. Why can this happen? It is possible that when you enter account data in the mod application, it will be detected by the Google Play Store. If this happens, the mod application will be marked as an illegal account and may be banned so that it cannot be used.

If you have been banned by the Google Play Store, then you will experience various difficulties to access various types of official Google applications such as Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive, and so on.

No Warranty

Mod applications are various types of applications developed by third parties so there is no license or warranty attached to them. Therefore, if there is a problem when using this mod application, then you cannot complain or ask for support from the official application provider.

Those are some of the advantages and dangers of MOD applications that you need to know. By knowing some of the hidden dangers in mod applications, it is hoped that you can be even wiser in choosing and installing applications on your smartphone device.