There has never been an anomaly in hip-hop quite like the southern trio CunninLynguists. Sampling genres from psych-rock to blues, New Romantic to polka, they have been musically compared to UGK and Atmosphere in the same breath. They have shared stages with Kanye West and Aesop Rock to equal success. They have crafted songs with international soul superstar Cee-Lo Greenand politically charged indie-favorite Immortal Technique--on the same album.They rocked with hip-hop star Macklemore & gritty Gary, Indiana spitter FreddieGibbs -- in 2009, before either broke out on the mainstream scene. CunninLynguists have eschewed categories, boxes and labels for 20 years, 6 albums, 3 compilations, 2 mixtapes, 3 solo releases and countless side projects -- all while having whatXXL Magazinevoted the “Most Hated Name InRap”. Theresult? If you want labels: Southern boom-bap. A preacher’s son, a caucasian dude from rural Georgia and a convicted felon. But mainly -- a self-made career, one of the most consistent catalogs of any hip-hop act in history and one of themostloyal and sprawling fanbases in all of indie rap music. Backed with gritty beats, quality rhymes and 808 thump, the ‘Lynguists recapture the soul in southern hip-hop. With what Spin Magazine once called “Outkast’stragicomic poignancy”,Deacon The Villain,KnoandNattifollow in the footsteps of artists like Goodie Mob, Ya’ll So Stupid, Geto Boys and the aforementioned‘Kast in painting a picture meant to remind the world that politics, death, racism,relationships, religion and struggle are just as relevant to life below the Mason-Dixon as anywhere else.Kno, hailing from Georgia and currently residing in Los Angeles, has beendescribed as “one of the top loop-miners east of the Mississippi” by URBMagazine. He produced the majority of the group's discography and has alsorecieved critical acclaim in The NY Times,Rolling Stoneand other magazines forhis production & remix work. He released a solo album in 2010 entitled Death Is Silent & instrumental releaseBones in 2016.Born in Versailles, Kentucky, Deacon is also an established producer, having produced for the likes of KRS-One and more. The son of a reverend, his ear formelody and church trained voice have also landed him hook work for Boot CampClick, Ruff Ryders and more. Deacon released a solo album in 2015 entitled Peaceor Power. Lexington-born Natti is the third and final piece of the CunninLynguists’ puzzle, joining the group in 2005. After turning to music as a positive release after a 1.5year prison stint in the early 2000’s, the KY native's gravely drawl and streetwise lyrics gave the group a decidedly interesting 3rd angle on the group’s alreadybroad range of subject matter. Natti's solo endeavor Still Motion was released in 2013.CunninLynguists are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of2011’s indie rap classic Oneirology with a vinyl release and corresponding tour dates.