There are various ways to make money on the Internet. One of them is text transcribing, which means translating audio or video files into text documents. Beginners can spend several hours on transcriber online a single file and earn pennies. To speed up the translation process, many people advise using the following tips:Google. If you have the Chrome browser installed on your computer, you can use voice input. It is located in the tools tab in Google Docs.

Other browsers do not have this function. You need to click on the microphone twice, and then the recording will start. When the recording begins, you must say everything you hear in the audio or video file. In addition to the words the program supports a variety of commands, such as period, comma, paragraph, new line and punctuation marks. Typed text is saved automatically. The only disadvantage is that the program sometimes freezes, as a result of which the text is not recorded.Equalizer. You can also go into the sound settings, recording devices, equalizer. The latter should be turned on and the microphone should be turned off. Then you need to go into the advanced browser settings, then site settings and click on the microphone. After that, select equalizer. Then you can start the audio recording and turn on the microphone.Notepad. You can also open a notepad and dictate whatever is said in the audio or video file.

The advantage of this method is that there is a separate program that will be relevant in the absence of Google Docs. However, this program only works in the presence of Google Chrome and only through it. When the recording is complete, the text should be checked in Word.LossPlay. This program is designed for typing text manually. You need to download the file and start working. With this program, you can slow down or speed up the recording. The utility is simple and suitable even for the beginner, it takes up little space on your computer. The disadvantage is that the text itself is not printed, and you have to do it yourself.Express Scribe. The program is also for manual text entry. The latter will have to be typed from dictation. There will be both an audio file and a text document in the same window. It is possible to optimize the sound by removing unnecessary noise.

The disadvantage of the program is that it will ask you to buy the full version after a couple of days. This problem can be solved by reinstalling the utility. However, you will not be able to open video files in the free version.What do you think about such earnings?