Chunky brick phones, which were the height of technology at the time with customizable cases and a battery charge that would last a week, are remembered by every millennial.

The Nokia 3310, and later the 3410, were the ultimate must-have accessory for teens, and we spent hours playing Snake, downloading dzwonki na telefon, and perfecting texting under the table .

Each phone included a pre-programmed collection of noises, which one man is exploring after restarting an ancient 3310 .

Steve Smith has been showing folks a trip down memory lane on his TikTok account, @buffsteve24, by uploading songs and features from the obsolete gadget .

His bio, which promises "take you on a fantastic trip back to the 90s & 2000s," doesn't disappoint: he performed classics like The Buffoon and Mozart 40 .

He also blasted out "Groovy Blue," the timeless Nokia tune, and a text message notification .

Smith busted out Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi," which was a banger from the period, in order to play a song. Anyone who loved music could get their favorite song as a ringtone .

"POV 2002, you just received your favorite song as a ringtone," he noted in the description .

"I enjoy collecting antique phones, consoles, and other electronics," says Smith of the United Kingdom. "I formerly used a Nokia 8810 as my work phone until recently when I needed to replace it with something more contemporary that could receive emails on an iPhone 7 .

The battery lasts around a week, but I mostly only use it to play Snake or Space Impact on these days. I adore these phones, therefore rather than leaving them forgotten in a drawer or wardrobe somewhere, I decided to carry them with me so that I might enjoy the games on them .

"The "Sk8r Boi" Avril Lavigne ringtone was the first TikTok I made with my phone, and I didn't give it another thought until I looked at my smart phone one day and saw thousands of notifications. Everyone expressing nostalgia over it, so I figured if people want to hear 20-year-old ringtones, who am I to say no ?

The video, which was published in April, has over 910,000 views, while the text message tone, which was uploaded earlier this month, has over 950,000 .

The song's popularity has exploded since it was uploaded on Tuesday, when more than 900,000 people have viewed it .

Many individuals tweeted about the videos, with many recalling pleasant memories as a result of them .

"Memory unlocked," the Druid stated .

"That was the first time I'd ever heard it in 20 years," Twbarber88 responded .

"Anyone else miss having the simplicity these phones provide?" asked Sammi Daniels. "This was my first ever phone," she added .

"The finest phone I've ever owned," said Mattgraco .

The best memories of my life, according to one fan, who declared: "The best memories of my life. "

The Nokia 3310 was first produced in 2000 and was at the time one of the most popular cellphones .

The G1's appeal was explained by John Sculley, the CEO of CP&B Mobile and MPGE Business Chief at the time: "Durable, sophisticated-looking for its time, and with an updated version of 'Snake,' the phone included a variety of new ringtones and advancements .

The phone was one of the first phones to be customizable and include a variety of new functions, such as a calculator and stopwatch, allowing for longer communications .

"The 3310 became the one gadget that every millennial wanted, and it was a best-seller because of its durability and attractiveness to mass audiences .

Nokia is mired in controversy. It is also known for its swan song, Nokia said it was bringing out an updated model in 2017, which retailed at £59.99 ($74), with the catchphrase "the icon is back" on the website.