Radio station Aldiana Radio will stop broadcasting via DAB+ and Internet as of July 31. This message the radio stationon her website.

November 2020 starts

The radio station Aldiana Radio started broadcasting via DAB+ in November 2020 in a large part of North Holland and worldwide via the Internet. The radio station has been active since 2017 as a special radio station for the Aldiana resorts hotel chain. The radio station broadcasted programs from Barry Brand, Peter Hanegraaf and Dennis van Leeuwen, among others.

End of broadcasts

“ All good things come to an end sometimes. This is how we're going to stop Aldiana Radio! (At least, in the Netherlands). This means that from August we can no longer be received via our website and in North Holland via DAB+. “, the radio station said via its website . From July 31, not only broadcasts via DAB+ will be stopped, but the apps of the radio station will also no longer be available. “ From that moment on it is possible to listen to our German variant again ”, according to the station.

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Last broadcast

The last broadcast of Aldiana Radio is on Sunday 31 July. The channel will go off air at 6 p.m.