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When French elegance meets American "glamour"!

THE New York party not to be missed!
"When French elegance meets American glamour"

A project is born of 3 lovers of New York City

Contacts, discoveries, laughs, exchange between american and french wedding professionals.
VIPs, beginners, experts, but all passionate about the world of wedding industry.
An exceptional place was chosen for the event.

Open to ALL trades of the wedding industry.

More and more French people are getting married in New York. What are their expectations, their wishes, their traditions?
We can answer you and bring you our experience and knowledge.
A unique chance to network, to move your company internationally.

An incredible opening on your trades.

Coming from different horizons and professional projects, it is the expertise and the know-how of American and French people witch will be at the heart of this gala in New York.

If everyone understands each other's know-how, it can only come out with something positive.

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